EFT and Pain relief

I’ve learnt a lot about EFT and pain relief over the past few days, given that I was my own case study. On Wednesday 9th October I suddenly developed a frozen shoulder and neck and was hardly able to move. My first reaction was panic. I’ve had this before and know how long the recovery takes, so I felt this overwhelming panic in addition to the overwhelming pain. For a while I couldn’t stop crying.

Then I suddenly realised that this time can be different, I’m a different person and I’ve got this amazing tool called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Given that I’ve helped others release their pain, now it was time to help myself. Over the next few days I addressed all sorts of emotions, fears, memories and beliefs related to that pain.

First I tapped on the panic, the fear and even on being sorry for myself. This really helped me calm down. The pain was still there but the panic which had made the situation a lot worse, was gone and that really made a difference. I could think straight again. Often it is the emotions around an illness or a pain that make us suffer and worsen our situation. EFT can really help with that. I’m so grateful to have this tool at my disposition and would highly recommend it to everyone. So, what I had done was, release the suffering, the negative emotions, fears and thoughts such as “oh no, not again” or “why me?” or “I can’t handle this anymore” or “oh no, now I can’t work, what am I gonna do, I won’t be able to pay my bills” etc. Sometimes we create our own drama and those feelings make any situation worse because we suddenly feel so helpless. Sound familiar? If so, start tapping right now (see my EFT section for more details).

I had tapped on the feelings of panic, fear, helplessness, sadness and self-pity. Then I realised I was actually really angry at myself and my body. I guess everyone who’s ever been in intense pain has blamed their own body and saw the body as the enemy, saying things like “why is my body doing this to me?” Again, anger is an emotion and EFT works marvellously to release that emotion. Then, after some time of tapping and releasing I felt a lot better and calmer. Somehow the pain didn’t seem so intense anymore, what a wonderful side effect J The next day I addressed my beliefs around my condition. Given my previous experience with this pain, I expected the recovery to be lengthy and I was influenced by what I remembered doctors telling me about this condition. This meant I had some work to do there. After some tapping I got to a place of openness and acceptance as I had released all fears, negative beliefs and emotions. I felt like slowly going up some stairs, every step of release improved my situation and lowered the pain.

Now I was ready to address the pain and see whether there was an emotion connected to my condition. I had various intense rounds of tapping, addressed all sorts of emotions and even memories of specific events that suddenly seemed relevant. I got a lot of improvement over the next few days and can now move again. The pain is bearable and hardly interferes anymore so I’m back to work today. I’ve noticed that I’ve still got some resistance to releasing the pain which is what I’m going to tap on next.

This has been such an interesting life experience and I’m now seeing my condition as a blessing given how much I’ve learnt about myself, my life and I’ve gotten closer to the people in my life. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and once I’ll get all aspects of that life lesson and release the remaining emotions and resistance, I’m sure the pain will completely disappear. In the past, my recovery used to take several weeks, even months sometimes. This time it’s only taken me four days to get moving and working again. That in itself is nothing short of a miracle to me. I’m so pleased and grateful for this experience and I’m now ready to move on and beyond it. I’ve found my inner light again and am back to be willing be shine.


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